Luxury Scent Box June 2017 Subscription Box Review 


Luxury Scent Box is a monthly designer fragrance subscription that sends you a convenient 9ml (.30 fl oz) purse size spray of an authentic fragrance of your choice or you can have them choose one for you based on a scent profile that you fill out at sign up. The service is $15 a month and shipping is free, plus, LSB offers scents for both women and men. Choose from both niche and designer fragrances such as Black Opium, Mon Paris, and Flowerbomb. (Note: I received this complimentary box for review purposes and all opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.)

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You can add fragrances that you like to your calendar, either by choosing your favorites or by taking a scent survey and adding the suggestions that pop up. Note that premium fragrances are an additional $3 charge, but if you use a promo code such as DebintheheartofTexas, you will save $5 on your first order. There are no contracts, order month to month and cancel whenever you choose, or you can order an annual subscription and pay for 11 months and get the 12th month free!

New subscribers receive a velvet holder and a silver case with their first box, plus receive a new, colored case quarterly.

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Today, I would like to talk exclusively about Galimard, a French perfumery with a rich background and who has been making perfumes for over 250 years!

Grasse a small town in Provence is known as “the world capital of perfume”

The foremost city for perfume in the world, all of the most recognised French fragrances are created here, the best known of these being Chanel N. 5 in 1921.

Galimard is France’s first creator of French perfumes. In 1747 Jean de Galimard, Lord of Seranon founded the perfumery Galimard in Grasse, thanks to Him Grasse has become known around the world as the birthplace of perfumery.

Galimard was the purveyor to the court of the King of France, Louis XV the well-beloved, and his mistress Madame De Pompadour.

With over 269 years experience of creating the highest quality French perfumes, Galimard has probably the richest tradition of perfume manufacture in the World.

Until Today the royal houses of Europe are customers of Galimard and for celebrities became our Perfume an insider tip. The amazing painter Picasso, Leonardo di Caprio, Goldie Hawn, or Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi are just a small summary who visited our Perfume House in the Provence.

As in the past, the sources from which we obtain our subtle fragrances are the natural flowers of Grasse: Jasmine, rose, lavender, orange. Only the use of our traditional methods can guarantee the incomparable unique quality.




I received four Galimard scents from Luxury Scent Box to try out and to get a feel for this niche fragrance brand. As you can see, the name and designer of the fragrance is on the outside of the bottle so you can quickly pick the one you want to wear for the day – or evening. You can add these to your monthly queue or purchase them outright for $18 a bottle on the LSB website and there are 16 scents to choose from on the women’s section of the site, 13 on the men’s section, and a few of those scents are on both.


Journal Intime“Exquisite grapefruit, wrapped in rose and black currant, twines seductively with lily of the valley with an iris tonality; the base reveals blackberry, musk, sandalwood and finishes the fragrance with a subtle fresh-fruity signature note.” While fruity florals tend to be one of my favorite scent groups, this one has a tad too much rose for my tastes. This reminds me of green tea for some reason, but it is also juicy and fresh. After about an hour it reminded me of clean laundry pulled straight from the dryer –  warm and comforting.


Péle Méle“Green and fresh notes open the sparkling dance of this attractive fragrance, unveiling a melange of green tea and rose; sensually warmed by musk and sandalwood, the close is enriched by a glowing touch of ripe peach and mellow plum.” This is a floral fruity scent but on me it smells like a white floral musk, with a strong lily of the valley scent at the opening. I didn’t really notice much sweetness at all unless I REALLY smelled my arm deeply – isn’t that weird how our bodies can play around with a scent?


Feuilles & Fleurs d’Oranger (Orange leaves & blossom) “Escape to Tunisia where the softness of sweet almond pastries brighten the beauty of orange flower fields for as far as the eye can see. Orange leaves and blossom is an exotic cologne full of freshness and delicacy with soft notes of neroli and petitgrain.” This scent is a white floral in the sense that an orange blossom is a white flower. It smells just like an orange blossom and is light and sweet, not heavy or strong. The initial spray is also green and lively, like an orange leaf. The longevity wasn’t too bad, but this was a skin scent. Lovely and feminine.


Paradoxe: A luminous flight of mingled figs and lemons gently fades to reveal a warm heart of radiant accords; an unexpected base of sumptuous woods creates a unique signature.” This is categorized as a floral green scent and features notes of fig and lemon along with floral and woody nuances. This was my favorite of them all, I loved the warm feeling it evoked and it was sweet without being cloying. Fig is my favorite fruit – maybe that has something to do with it? It transports me back to my childhood home in Southern California, picking the ripe fruit off of the tree and immediately eating it, still warm from the sun.


I love Luxury Scent Box and I know you will too! I have commitment issues when it comes to fragrance and choose a different one each day depending on my mood, shoe type, sky color, whatever, and this service lets me date the perfect candidate before settling down. Make sure to take advantage of that promo code to save $5 on your first order and let me know which type of fragrances you prefer in the comments!